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    Wednesday, 24 March 2021

    Vinfast opened sale of the first electric car at 690 million VND; Vinfast VF e34

    Today Vinfast officially announced the sale of Vinfast VF e34 at 690 million VND. The VF e34 model uses a battery capacity of 42kWh and moves up to 300 km on a full charge. This car supports fast charging and goes up to 180 km for 15 minutes of fast charging.

    Vinfast VF e34 can be booked by a deposit fee of VND 10 million / car.  Customers can get a preferential price of VND 590 million / car with a 1-year free battery subscription if they order before June 30. This preferential price will definitely attract more customers to own smart electric car in segment C.

    Vinfast introduced attractive battery offers to compete with other electric car manufactures like Tesla. The Vinfast company will take care of battery issues by exchanging batteries if it is below 70% capable of receiving the charger. They also introduced battery rental models for cutting the price up to a certain extent. According to the calculation, users will have to pay only VND 1,450,000 / month for a maximum distance of 1,400km as battery subscription fees.

    Ms. Thai Thi Thanh Hai - General Director of VinFast said that,  In essence, although the VF e34 is an electric car, VinFast has created a product that customers can directly compare with gasoline cars. Specifically, the customer does not have to pay for the battery, the operating costs (including battery rental and charging) equal to the cost of gasoline consumption, and the price and features are superior to gasoline cars, this. customers can easily see.


    Vinfast VF e34 uses a battery capacity of 42kWh and moves up to 300 km on a full charge. The electric motor powers this smart electric car with a maximum capacity of 110 kW, produces a maximum torque of 242 Nm with front-wheel drive. VinFast assures a 10-year warranty policy for the VF e34 model. The dimension of the car is 4,300 x 1,793 x 1,613 (mm) length x width x height providing a ground clearance of 180mm with a wheelbase of 2,611mm. 

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