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    Wednesday, 2 September 2020

    "C U Soon (2020) Malayalam Movie ; Amazon Prime, OTT Release" Is it a revolution in Malayalam Film Industry? How to watch "C U Soon"?

    C U Soon (2020) which was released on 1 September 2020 on Amazon Prime makes a new method of film creation by Mahesh Narayan, distribution by Amazon Prime. The conventional cinema watching will be rewritten soon after pandemic impact and C U Soon sets a clear idea of how the film industry will release new films with the support of OTT release and experience.

    C U Soon (2020) is the lockdown creativity from the director Mahesh Narayan, which introduced fewer instances of a normal film and completely told the entire story with the involvement of smartphone screens and text messages. It is very difficult to make up such a movie technically with creative content. In this film, we also see the intact chemistry with Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran. 

    The film focuses on three characters and the happening after they met up through a dating website. "Jimmy Kurian (Roshan Mathew), a Dubai-based banker meeting Anu Sebastian (Darshana Rajendran) through an online dating website. Jimmy comes across as impatient, wanting to meet, and before long, get married, within a few days of them being introduced to each other. With Jimmy wanting to get married to a somewhat reluctant Anu, his mother seeks the help of his cousin Kevin (Fahadh Faasil), who knows a thing or two about snooping online, to do a background check. A lazy search later, he gives the go-ahead. But when things seem to be going smoothly, Anu disappears without a trace." - The Hindu. Watch "C U Soon" (2020) Malayalam Movie Now.

    The Cinema Theater is our smartphone with the silver screen paved way to a smartphone screen, Dolby atmos are our wireless earphone. You can stream anywhere any time after September 1st 2020 from Amazon Prime. This will avoid the normal things and the rush before getting a ticket to a cinema theatre. There are conventional cinema release lovers, they watch the cinema not only because of the cinema is good or because of their favourite actor or actress is performing, but they also enjoy the process of enjoying an evening with their favourite people. But, everything is just paused for a reason due to COVID-19 precautions. C U Soon is just an example of the new trend wave in the Malayalam film industry. Most probably the next film release may adopt these OTT for releasing. Watch "C U Soon" (2020) Malayalam Movie Now.

    How to watch C U Soon (2020) Malayalam Movie?

    It is simple to watch a film in Amazon Prime, you just need an Amazon account with Prime Membership. The amount spends to watch a film is to be spent on subscribing Amazon Prime Membership.

    Amazon has an introductory free offer for the first month and you can definitely use it as free for watching "C U Soon". You have to link your debit or credit card for availing the free offer for now and it may automatically renew in future. The subscription plans are Rs. 129 monthly and Rs. 999 annually, you will benefit tremendously if you choose for Rs. 999 plan for a year, you can stream new release movies for a year from now. You can use 30 days trial now and enjoy C U Soon (2020) Malayalam Movie. Subscribe Amazon Prime Now.

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