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    Thursday, 7 May 2020

    Smartwatch sales are even smarter than COVID lock down

    Smartwatches are smart and the smartwatch manufacturers are really smart enough to keep up with the phase of smartwatch sales in the first quarter of 2020. It has been reported that smartwatch sales increased by 20% annually with almost 1.35 crores units sold in January to April 2020 globally. The interesting thing that is to be noticed is that this growth happened in the COVID scenario through online sales. It is a clear sign of the future online business will be dominating than offline stores in the smartwatch market also.

    Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash
    Apple and Samsung are the major players in the smartwatch market, Apple is holding more than half the market share while Samsung and Garmin remain in the second and third positions in the global market. Apple sold about 76 lakhs of smartwatches during this period, while Samsung and Garmin sold about 17 lakh and 11 lakh units respectively.

    The pandemic caused a major awareness of health and fitness among the young and older people is considered as the major increase in sales. The post-pandemic days is expected to be a growth in the smartwatch industry because health will be a major consideration for the people and the features allowing the users to monitor most of the health conditions in their smartwatch itself.

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