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    Wednesday, 1 January 2020

    How to Validate (Verify) Digital Signatures of Downloaded PDF Files

    In the transformation from papers certificates to digital certificates, it is important to know how to validate the digital certificate downloaded from a certificate issued website.

    The steps 1 to 3 shows the verification process of  the signature and the steps 5 to 8 shows the verification process of the time stamp certificate.

    Step 1

    Open the PDF certificate containing the digital signature, scroll down to the bottom portion of the PDF document to find the signature area.

    Step 2

    Right click on the signature area and select Verify Signature. The status of the validation can be seen in the same signature box area. For more information about the signature click Properties. If it shows Signature Valid then the process is completed and take the print out.

    Step 3

    If it shows Validity Unknown, then Click Verify Identity to view the signer contact information, and confirm the signature origin. If there is no contact information of the signer then follow step 4.

    Step 4

    Right click on the signature area and select Verify Signature. The validation status will be shown in the validation status dialog box.

    Step 5

    Click Properties from the validation status dialog box and Click Show Certificate.

    Step 6

    Sometimes if the time stamp certificate is not trusted, Click Trust tab in the Certificate Viewer.

    Step 7

    Click Add to Trusted Identities. Tick all the check boxes and Click OK.

    Step 8

    Right click on the signature area and select Verify Signature. Now the signature will be valid.

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